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H.T.G's Hut.
This is the Hamilton Tomo Group's Hut at Waitomo.

The Hut also accepts Backpackers/Travellers at very reasonable rates. Phone the hut on +64 7 8787442 or e-mail me for more information.

Looking down from 1/2 way into The Lost World, Waitomo. Looking out towards the tomo.
Looking down from the top of The Lost World! View from the far side of the tomo. There is only a small tree branch between the guy in yellow and a 100 meter drop! (and of course a safety line)
Ascending through "Spider Hole", one of the Lost World exits. Looking straight up towards Spider Hole.
Same view as before zoomed on people ascending up the main lines.  
Me in upper levels. On the way out.
Neil Brake in the upper levels.  
Under Construction! The Little People.
A Sleeping Dragon. An older photo of the "Little People" before they got trashed and rebuilt.
Traversing the Chasm of Doom (aka The Black Abyss). All smiles so far.
More formation near the Chasm of doom. Nice Stal's.
Crystals forming on the ground. A very muddy Helen.
Formation within Gardeners Gut system. Helictites.
Awesome formations. The lengths some people will go to, to get through a squeeze!
Helictites. More Helictites.
The Golden Staircase. The photo doesn't do it justice!  
"The Electrodes". Cool Formation.
More of the same!
Marakopa Falls, west of Waitomo. Same as the last one, but look closely at the rocks at the base of the falls!
A closer view for you.  
Getting ready for caving. A huge through cave near our target.
Another in the canyon. Fantastic selenite needles.
Gypsom Flower formation. Another Flower.
Anyone would think this stuff is alive! Posing 'Grandfather' in a very nice spot.
There's so much to see. A wall of Crystal.
They call this one the Rams Horn. Amazing, simply amazing.
This one taken with just our torch lights. More crystal.
Contemplating Caving. Having a rest for a photo oportunity.
Some nice formation and a pool. Can't remember where though. Formation in the Aranui cave.
There is a streaker in our midst! Here's a full frontal.
Oops, someone stole most of his clothes!!.
Waiting for the weather - and the Chopper. Finally it's time.
What a load. (One of many!) Coming in to land on the Karst.
Another load of people arrives. Finding enough flat ground for 1 tent was hard enough. Try enough for 18 people! This is where 5 of us parked up.
Not huge quantities of formation here - but still pretty good. What do make of this?? (Greenfingers formation)
Greenfingers 2. Greenfingers 3, this time with a 'model'.
Greenfingers 4. The colour was brighter than the photo shows! Greenfingers 5.
Greenfingers 6. Greenfingers 7.
Greenfingers 8. There's that 'model' again (aka Tom's Boss!). Greenfingers 9.
Back above ground, here's one of the Poms - he kept us entertained! Miles from anywhere and still we have a comp.
This is the result of a little slip I had. The doctor is dispensing!

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